Builder Hall 10 – Clash of Clans will appear in the upcoming update of Supercell?

  • 26/03/2022
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May 22, 2017 was the day the biggest update in Clash of Clans history was released. In fact, Builder Base was introduced in the update released on May 22, 2017. It has been almost 57 months since the release of Builder Base, there have been many updates to the dark village and up to now it has been updated to BH9 level.

If you've maxed out your Bulider Base  level, you can look forward to Builder Hall 10, although with the latest developments it doesn't look like you'll have to wait long to get Builder Hall 10. Actually In fact, some suggestions are being made by the Supercell team for the upcoming update. Let's take a look at some notable points with Vinhtube below.

On January 24, an image posted by the developers on the official Clash of Clans Twitter account features a small Master Builder bot.


Additionally, on January 18, a post regarding Master Builder was posted on Clash of Clans Twitter.


Now this question must be on your mind why suddenly developers are sharing Builder Base related posts? The answer to this question is tied to upcoming updates to Builder Base.

Whenever an update in Clash of Clans is coming, the developers start sharing content related to that update on the game's social medias. For example, before Super Bowler was about to appear in the game, the developers shared images of Bowler on social networks.

After a long time, developers are suddenly sharing Builder Base related content suggesting that we may soon see Builder Base related updates. Now the question also arises on this which update could be related to Builder Base? The answer was hidden in the recently released Warrior Warden video. (32nd second).


Recently a video about Warrior Warden was released on the Youtube channel of Clash of Clans, in which appeared  2 master builders.

Undoubtedly, the hint that Clash of Clans gives is the arrival of a second master builder. However, Clash of Clans will not be releasing an update  but only adding a second master builder which means something else is coming in the upcoming game update and that could be Builder Hall 10.

Let's take a look at some images and videos that may help you think of the upcoming Builder Base 10 more easily.





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